Batfist – Olympic edition – Opening Ceremony

Yup. It had to happen. Whilst I was considering releasing an Olympic edition Batfist to run in conjunction with the regular weekly edition, too much material in which to choose from was going to do my head in.  So I bring you the daily Batfist awards – London 2012 Olympic streamlined edition.

The first, but of course, is from that Opening Ceremony that kicked proceedings off on Friday night London time – and what a ceremony it was.  We were left breathless, curious but most of all, pumped for what the next two weeks was going to bring. In these cases though, it was a differing emotion…

Honourable Mention: The lining up of teams on the field

Granted, it’s difficult to try and fit so many athletes into a small space.  Granted, sport transcends politics. Granted, the Olympics are designed to unite the world in the global pursuit of sporting excellence.  But sometimes, a little common sense has to come into play.

Accordingly, perhaps someone should talk to whomever made that Israel initially lined up next to Palestine, separated only by metres.

Ohhhh!! The Olympics ARE a  true reflection of the world, after all!

Honourable Mention: The Industrial Age tribute

The Industrial Age certainly changed the way the world was shaped, altered the course of the future for all and revolutionised human life as we know it, but then again, so did the Black Plague, and we didn’t see millions of rats released to pay homage to our past.

When several large chimney appeared in the middle of the field bellowing smoke, the crowd must have been thrilled to be choked out of their seats by the haze that settled around the arena.

London – streamlining the transition from Beijing 2008 to now to an entirely new level.

Third Place: Commentary of the athletes arrivals

There’s a time and a place for everything.  Unfortunately, some in the commentary gig just don’t understand when to speak freely and when to shut up; nor what is appropriate to say and when.

Eddie MacGuire’s lines of “Chile’s athlete of the year was banned for doping” as he proudly walked into the stadium, “He was diagnosed with testicular cancer” as the cameraman passed over one athlete’s crotch or my personal favourite “Caster Semenya, that controversial flag bearer from South Africa” left a lot to be desired.

Hey, Eddie! Go back to ruining AFL.

Second Place: Czech Republic uniforms

There’s always a country that stands out from the rest with their uniforms.  Was it going to be Greece, given their debt crisis?  Was it going to be one of the Caribbean countries flouting colour in the dreary weather of England?

Nope.  It was the Czech Republic, with their smart outfits accompanied by amazingly vivid blue gumboots as footwear.  Yep, that’s right. Gumboots.

That said, given the propensity for rain in London at any time of the year, the rest of the world won’t be laughing when the Czechs are the only ones with dry feet.

Winner – Batfist of the Opening Ceremony – Queen Elizabeth II’s reaction to Team GB

It was a proud moment, a defining one.  Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has earlier “parachuted” into the stadium with James Bond and assumed the position in the stands as Head of State seeing over the Opening Ceremony and the athletes parade.  Team GB were on their way and as the host nation, of course, entered last.

And the Queen’s reaction to all of this, as her beloved subjects paraded past waving to her?

I love the Royal Family.

Bring on Day One!!


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